Are Cockatiels Louder Than Budgies?

are cockatiels louder than budgies

You are probably asking yourself “are cockatiels louder than budgies? Well, find the answer in this post!

Generally, parrots are not quiet birds, as they all produce a certain level of noise.

However, some species are louder than others, while some are much quieter.

The amazing fact is that the budgie and cockatiel respectively are the quietest parrots after the parrotlets (65 decibels).

This means that budgies are quiet birds when compared to other parrots.

OK, so are cockatiels louder than budgies?

With an average noise level of 75 decibels, cockatiels are pretty louder than budgies whose average noise level is 68 decibels. As a smaller bird, the budgie’s voice is a lot softer than the cockatiel. However, budgie tends to chatter more than the cockatiel even though they are not as loud as cockatiels.

My budgie named Pillow was very chatty, but a bit quiet compared to my cockatiel.

So, unless you have a large flock of budgies, then your budgie may be able to outdo the cockatiel.

Yes, cockatiels are louder than budgies, but budgies are chattier than cockatiels.

Are cockatiels loud?

Cockatiels have a reputation for producing loud screams. However, they don’t usually do so, which is why they’re considered one of the quietest pet birds.

Cockatiel noise levels vary throughout the day, just like other parrot species.

A single ‘tiel’ or a pair will most likely remain calm for the majority of the day, sleeping peacefully, foraging, or playing with toys.

Note however that if your cockatiel is bored, lonely, or hungry, it can get noisy.

Your cockatiel can get noisy where;

  • It has just awoken (which can happen rather early in the summer!).
  • It is separated from its flock, even if they are only across the room. Humans are part of the flock mates.
  • It has picked up noises in the house. They can’t help but be engaged in everything, whether it’s a dinner party, vacuuming, or listening to music.
  • It hears another ‘tiel’ sound, like a neighbor’s bird.
  • It is feeling frisky for a mate, a toy, or even their own reflection. Singing, whistling, cooing, and even beak tapping are all possibilities.
  • Your cockatiel just feels like it. Even the most experienced parrot keepers can’t always figure out why their birds are screaming! The bigger the number of cockatiels you have, the louder they will be. Whistles and screams accompany the constant social interactions, flirting, and squabbling.

Are budgies loud?

Budgies are not particularly loud for a parrot as they’re also regarded as one of the quietest pet birds.

They can, however, be somewhat noisy as a pet in general.

Even a single budgie will vocalize regularly, and because we don’t recommend keeping just one, expect a constant stream of chatter and other noise.

Understand that the primary means by which budgies communicate is by sound.

They use loud flock calls to keep track of their flock even from a few trees away.

The male budgie uses a variety of different songs to woo females.

And if they don’t agree with something, be prepared for some fairly adamant screaming!

These birds rely heavily on their vocalizations and they have an easy time remembering and even learning new ones.

Nonetheless, most people will find budgie noise levels acceptable, and they are appropriate for apartment living unless your neighbors are highly sensitive.

However, don’t regularly expect complete silence during the day.

How loud are cockatiels

At 75 decibels, cockatiels are not loud but they are loud enough, that you may have to raise your voice to have a conversation. They also like making very loud contact calls which can sometimes be annoying.

To put this in context, consider standing near a piano while someone is playing.

Sound between 70-80 decibels has been likened to the sound of a coffee grinder.

And except for their overly loud contact calls, cockatiel sounds are not a bother to any neighbor.

So while cockatiel can sometimes get a little loud, they are seen to be well within the tolerable range.

How loud are budgies

With an average sound level of 68 decibels, budgies aren’t overly loud, even with neighbors just a wall away. Budgies often talk, click, sing and chirp, but they rarely scream. Even if budgies are talkative, they’re not too loud for apartments because their sounds mostly stay between 2-5 kHz.

The sound of a normal conversation is between 60 – 70 decibels, making 68 decibels a normal conversation level.

So, for constant exposure, 68 decibels is a safe or acceptable noise level.

Even though one budgie is less noisy than two, your neighbors shouldn’t be able to hear them through the walls.

Budgies’ sounds will remain low as long as they are well-cared for and entertained.

A budgie may be more likely to raise its voice if it is distressed or feels lonely.

They are at their loudest early in the morning, which is when they chirp and chatter to greet the day.

The budgie will be less likely to increase its noise if you keep your volume down.

Females are less talkative than males but never completely silent, which makes them an ideal choice for someone who wants an extra quiet budgie.

Are cockatiels loud at night?

Cockatiels are not loud at night as they usually fall asleep in a matter of minutes as soon as the lights go off. However, the occasional quiet sleep mutter might be heard, but not much than that.

One advantage of cockatiels is that you won’t have to worry about nighttime noise.

So, if your cockatiel is loud at night, there might be a problem.

Something may be scaring it, considering your bird is a prey animal and is easily startled.

A cage cover or a nightlight may be helpful for your cockatiel and some ambient sounds can also be played to promote sleep.

Are budgies loud at night?

Budgies are not loud at night as they stop making noise when it’s dark and there’s no daylight. You may sometimes hear a sleepy peep, but that is it.

However, you may be woken up by your budgies a few times a year.

A shadow on the wall or a loud noise can spook them, causing a night fright.

It may cause them to make alarm calls, consternate, and thrash around.

If you hear something like this, go to the cage and switch on the lights right away, because budgies can get hurt during night frights.

If this occurs frequently, leaving a night light on for your bird(s) may be helpful.

Are cockatiels better than budgies?

Depending on your age and preference, one may be a better choice for you than the other.

For instance, cockatiels are better companions for elderly people, while Budgies are better for kids.

Budgies will be able to give kids the constant play support needed to keep them occupied throughout the day. It will continue to vocalize as long as they are playing.

Cockatiels are known to vocalize a lot less than budgie.

When it comes to their personalities, the two birds differ from one another.

For instance, Budgie tends to be more energetic and enjoys flying around and engaging in playful activities,

On the other hand, a cockatiel is a relatively low-energy bird. It vocalizes during the day but will spend a lot of time just sitting around.

Related Questions:

How many decibels are cockatiels?

Cockatiels noise is an average of 75 decibels.

How loud are budgies in decibels?

On average, budgies are as loud as 68 decibels. 

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