10 Easy Tricks to Teach a Budgie

9 Easy Tricks to Teach a Budgie

Teaching your budgie amazing tricks is a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your pet bird. Here are 10 easy tricks to teach a budgie today!

Budgie owners like you want the world to know how smart and talented their little feathered friends are.

And a great way to show off these talents is to teach your budgie some cool tricks that will impress anyone who sees them.

It can seem difficult to train your pet bird at first, so start with the fun and easy tricks.

With this, you’ll be surprised at how simple it can be to teach the cute little budgie tricks that will delight audiences.

Just remember that time, practice, and patience are the keys to your bird’s success!

10 Easy Tricks to Teach a Budgie

1. The “Step up”

The “step-up” command should be learned by all pet birds as it is the most fundamental trick you can teach your pet.

The success of the other bird tricks depends on your budgie’s understanding of the “step-up” command.

You can teach Step Up in 2-3 sessions, but it should be reinforced and retaught continuously throughout your parrot’s lifetime. 

The same strategies can also be used to teach your bird to step up on a stick. 

Here is how to teach your budgie to step up.

•        Step 1: Give the verbal “Step Up” command.

Face your parrot, and say “Step Up!” in the same tone of voice as you would use to ask your bird to step up daily.

•        Step 2: Present the visual “Step Up” command.

This is usually a finger for a small bird like the budgie.

Gently touch your parakeet belly to throw it enough off-balance that it lifts one foot onto your out-stretched forearm or finger- Click – Treat!

•        Step 3: Present the visual “Step Up” command.

Once again, a finger for your little budgie.

Gently touch your bird’s belly to put it off balance enough so it steps up onto your outstretched finger or forearm with both feet. Click and treat!

•        Step 4: Repeat several times!

To make “stepping up” a habit, repeat steps 1-3 for 5-10 minutes or until your bird loses interest.

•        Step 5: Step up on a stick.

When your bird is hormonal or you need to have a pet sitter come to care for your bird, teaching them to step up on a stick using the same tactics as steps 1-5 will pay off.

Teaching your bird to step up will let you teach more amazing moves to your bird.

It will also come in handy during the cage cleaning period, vet appointments, and many other areas of parrot ownership.

So, set aside time to begin working on this critical command as soon as possible if you haven’t already done so.

2. Waving Trick

This trick is not as difficult as it sounds.

The trick is based on step-up training, and the budgie will be ‘waving’ with his foot rather than his wing.

As though inviting a normal step-up, extend your finger to the bird, but then withdraw it, leaving the budgie with his leg raised.

Then offer him a treat and say “wave!”

You should repeat this as many times as your bird permits before your budgie loses interest.

Eventually, he will associate the word with the lifting of the foot and the treat that comes after.

3. Stick Trick

Pick a time when the budgie is perched comfortably outside the cage – on the cage top or on your finger, for example.

Show him a twig, stick, or piece of dowelling (the sort of thing you use for a budgie perch) at close range.

He will quickly realize that it poses no threat. When he is happy with its proximity, gently tap him on the beak with the end of the stick.

This should be unique to the trick (“peck the stick” for example). He will instinctively open his beak and nibble.

One or two attempts may be necessary; but as soon as he bites the stick, offer a reward.

Once you present him with his stick and say the ‘magic word’, he will bite it immediately and wait expectantly for his treat.

Even though this maneuver isn’t going to wow the crowds at parties, it does teach the budgie that interacting with your results in rewards.

With that concept, you can start to make the tricks more complicated.

4. Up the Ladder

budgie on ladder

Place your budgie at the bottom of a ladder and say your trick’s cue word.

Since budgies naturally like to climb, you only need to give him a verbal cue or hand signal to do so.

They probably don’t have to be prompted to go up the ladder. 

When he seems to be getting the idea, start giving your budgie the “up the ladder” cue from a few inches away from the ladder.

Your budgie should walk toward the ladder and climb up it.

You can also try this from a longer distance. Trust me, you’ve got this!

Ok, so where does this ladder lead to?

5. Down the Slide

You can entice your budgie, who presumably has some inner daring in him, to slide down the other side of a ladder and earn a treat for it.

To achieve this, put a budgie-sized slide on the other side of the ladder.

Praise your bird for touching the slide at first, and remember to give him a hand or verbal signal each time he reaches the top.

If you put a treat at the bottom of the slide, your parakeet will believe it’s a good idea to slide down.

It’s best to break tricks down into smaller steps, so begin with a small slide and work your way up to a longer one.

Since there are no ready-made bird slides, you’ll have to make one out of a piece of plastic or find a toy that’s the right size for a parakeet.

6. Fetch and Drop

Getting this one right takes some time, but once again your budgie’s intelligence will shine through.

You are trying to teach your bird to pick up objects, carry them to you, and drop them in your hand.

Here is how.

Start by getting the bird to perch on your hand offering him something shiny such as a paperclip or button.

Once your bird has it in its beak, say ‘Fetch!’

When it drops the object, say ‘Drop it!’

You should offer him a treat if it lands in your hand.

When this skill is mastered, place the object away from your hand, and say, ‘Fetch!’ when the bird picks it up.

Prepare to catch the object if it falls by bringing your hand close.\

Eventually, a routine will develop in which the budgie picks up an object, runs back with it,

7. The Tunnel

Train your budgie to go through tunnels like you’ve seen dogs do on agility courses.

A toilet paper roll or toothpaste box should make a good budgie-sized tunnel.

Find a length of PVC pipe at a hardware shop if you want something more durable.

To be sure your parakeet is comfortable going through things, train this trick in stages.

Going through a hoop is the first step.

Begin by leading your parakeet through a ring made from a sliver of toilet paper tube.

Alternatively, look for a ring in a bangle bracelet or a plastic bird toy part.

Whenever your budgie walks through the ring, assign it a hand or verbal signal, and use it consistently.

You can cut longer and longer pieces of toilet paper tube as your bird adapts to your cue and runs through the whole tube.

Create a bend in the tunnel to make this trick even more interesting.

Try using hamster tubing or making your own with PVC pipes or some other type of hose.

8. Tennis Ball Trick

Your budgie may assume a tennis ball is too big to move at first, so he won’t try to push it along like he would a smaller one.

So, place him near the ball on the ground and gently roll it so that it taps his beak while using your hand to control the motion.

Use your command word “push” (or something similar) once the budgie pecks back at the ball.

Introduce phase two of the trick once he’s mastered this.

Using a command like “on top,” get the bird to step up onto your finger and then place him on top of the stationary ball.

Use millet to reinforce the move.

Once he’s satisfied, combine the two parts by allowing him to push for a few seconds then use the “on top” command to persuade him to flap onto the ball.

9. Soccer Trick

budgie soccer trick

This is a really easy trick to understand.

A plastic ball rolling towards your budgie will cause him to instinctively try to avoid it.

Place him in front of a tiny goalmouth (you may create your own or use table football goalposts) and flick the ball towards him.

He will use his beak to save the ball. Say “Good save!” or something equally appropriate each time he does so.

This goalkeeping can be combined with your budgie’s natural ability to roll the ball.

Set up a second goal mouth a meter away from the budgie and see if it can score a goal by tapping the ball forward with its beak.

Say something like ‘Goal!’ and give a treat once the ball is between the goalposts.

To get such treats, the bird will have to sharpen its beak-dribbling skills.

10. Skateboarding Trick

Budgies love the sensation of motion, as seen in their use of the cage swing.

The instinct comes from their wild habitat, where they cling to thick grass stems or waving twigs.

However, learning to skateboard takes some time for a budgie.

First, find a budgie-sized skateboard.

Look online or rig something up from lego if you can’t find one in a pet shop.

Begin by moving the bird from your finger to the skateboard.

Try positioning one of his feet on the board and the other on the floor once he’s used to the motion.

Skateboarding will be powered by his natural walking instinct.

It will take some time to figure out the trick, but if you stick with it, you and your bird will be successful.

Are Budgies Easy to Train?

Budgies are quite easy to train just like most parrots since they are smart enough to quickly learn and master new tricks. 

A budgie will naturally engage in a variety of behaviors.

With practice, you can give a cue for the natural behavior, and then have a nice behavior your budgie can perform upon request.

So, short, positive sessions a few times a day can help your bird learn.


One thing all these tricks have in common is that the budgie will love doing them.

The good thing is that they won’t participate if they don’t want to.

The issue is not being forced, there is no pressure.

However, to succeed with these tricks treats, and trust is the key!

Also, starting with something very easy is the best way to get your budgie used to the idea of learning new things.

Only begin teaching a new skill once he has mastered the ones you have already taught him.

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