How Long Does It Take a New Budgie to Settle In?

How Long Does It Take a New Budgie to Settle In

Wondering how long it may take for your new budgie to settle into its new environment? Not as long as you think!

As a pet owner who is hoping to tame his new budgie, allowing it to settle in is the first step to successfully taming it.

In other words, where your birds aren’t fully settled into their new environment, it becomes almost impossible to tame them.

Ok, so how long does it take a new budgie to settle in?

On average, it takes budgies about 2 weeks to settle into their new environment. However, some budgies take fewer days to settle, while some take more than 2 weeks.

If you just bought your budgie, give it about 2 weeks to settle into its new environment.

This is necessary for easy taming as budgies are usually scared at first when they find themselves in a new environment.

This period gives your budgie the time to study and adapt to the new surroundings.

During this time, one of the things that your parakeet will do is locate his food and water dishes in the cage.

Since it is already scary for your budgie, you shouldn’t give it any more reason to feel more nervous or afraid. You should be as gentle and tender as you can.

Also, it might be easy to think that your bird hasn’t had anything to eat, but do not worry, it’s probably had something to eat and drink without you watching.

Budgies take time to settle into their new environment, but with patience and calm actions they will be hopping and singing about in no time.

What to expect when you bring your new budgie home?

When you bring your new budgie home, expect it to; not eat or drink, not chirp, make no move, make fewer sounds, and sit quietly in its new cage.

After installing your budgie in its cage, you may be shocked to discover that it behaves quite differently than it did in the store, and some of these changes may be quite alarming.

Here’s what you can expect during your budgie’s first few days of adjustment.

Depending on the individual budgie, you should expect different behaviors, but generally, most budgies will;

  • Become quite scared when brought home.
  • Bite when you go close
  • The budgie will sit very quietly in its new cage, not eating, not chirping, and just showing you that it is uncomfortable and afraid.

The above is perfectly normal, especially if you are bringing home a single budgie or if it is young.

However, your experience might be different if you bring home two budgies.

This is because budgies feel safer in pairs and can comfort and support each other.

It is also normal for budgies that are very young to sit on the bottom of their cage or even in their food dish as this reminds them of the nest box.

All these behaviors may be cause for concern, but these are perfectly normal ways for them to cope when you bring your budgie home.

Even though your budgie needs time to adjust to its new surroundings and settle in, expect it to begin to settle in within 24 hours.

How to help your budgie settle in

Here are some of the things you can do to help your budgie settle in quickly.

  • Keep your budgie in a busy room. Putting your bird in a busy room may seem counterproductive, but it will help it to quickly learn to see people as companions rather than threats.
  • Sit quietly by its cage, talk to it, read to it, and simply spend time doing calm, quiet things around it so it becomes comfortable with you.
  • Keep the cage at eye level to avoid frequent movement from above the cage. When budgies have things moving over their head they get all worked up.
  • Partially cover the cage especially at night to give him some privacy so that he feels a bit more secure. If he is on the floor, provide him with a little tray of seed and water so he has something to eat.
  • Do not place it in a noisy room with loud sounds or stereo.
  • Make sure your budgie’s cage is against a wall, not in the middle of the room, so they don’t have to worry about dangers all around them and also feel safe against the back corners of the cage.

How NOT to help your budgie settle in

Here are things you should avoid doing while your budgie is trying to get used to his new home.

  • Do not try to remove your budgie from the cage to fly. It may fly away!
  • Avoid touching, patting, or holding your budgie.
  • Do not speak loudly or quickly move around the cage. Avoid playing loud music.
  • DO not yell or punish its misbehaviors. I.e. biting, as this could only be a sign that it is yet to trust you.

How do I know if my budgie is comfortable?

As a sign that your budgie is now comfortable with you, it will start to chirp, preen, eat, sound louder, play with toys, and fall asleep in your presence.

Your budgie should start showing signs of being more comfortable in its new environment within 24 hours to 1 week.

Here are some of the signs that your budgie now feels more comfortable around you in the cage:

  • It starts to chirp! Budgies don’t sing unless they want to
  • It starts to fall asleep even with you in the room
  • It starts to eat and drink with you in the room
  • It also preens while you’re in the room.
  • Its sound becomes louder
  • It may play with toys and move around its cage without your presence causing distraction

If your budgie does some or all of the above, you are ready to move on to the other taming

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