How to Stop Parrot Landing on TV (1 Sure Method)

How to Stop Parrot Landing on TV

Is your parrot causing damage to your TV with its beak and poops? Here is one effective method to help stop your bird from landing on your TV.

In 2009, I bought a nice flat-screen TV which wasn’t mounted to a wall.

It was standing freely on a table. It cannot tip over as it was sturdy and strapped.

A few days later, my Ring-necked parrot took up the habit of flying around the house and perching on the TV.

He perches on the TV (which became his favorite spot) even though he has 5 perches.

Funny enough, the TV wasn’t even the tallest perch as his biggest perch was 6.5 inches tall.

Perching on the TV wasn’t enough for my bird; it would go ahead and poop on it while also hitting the screen with its beak.

Trust me, I didn’t find that funny. I mean, that was an expensive TV that cost me a lot of money! I can’t bear to see it get damaged.

So, I needed to get to look for ways to get my bird off the TV as it poops was already getting into the inner part of the TV.

I thought about those plastic spiky bird strips just like the ones you see on the roof of stores.

On second thought, I realized that even though it might be effective I wasn’t ready to add a Bird-Danger to my home.

There must be a much better and more effective solution!

I then thought about, paper towels and aluminum foil. I tried them out, but they were not so effective. They didn’t solve the problem.

Luckily, I was able to find one effective solution.

But first let me be quick to point out that this method works best with medium or large-size parrots like the Hyacinth Macaw, African Grey, or Umbrella Cockatoo, and not the small parrots.

So if your parrot is small-sized like the Budgie, Parrotlets, Lovebirds, or Small Conures, you may want to try other methods.

Now, here is how to stop your parrot from landing on TV.

How to Stop Parrot Landing on TV

Use Anti-Bird Spikes

According to Project Multi Pest, predators, strong odors, and anti-bird spikes are some of the things birds hate and avoid the most.

It really scares them away.

So, yes, bird spikes are quite effective in deterring birds from roosting in desirable locations, like on top of your TV.

This bird spike has a narrow, flexible base with protruding stainless steel spikes.

The metal or plastic spikes pointing upward make it a very unpleasant landing spot for them.

The good thing is that despite their harmful appearance, bird spikes don’t harm birds.

Moreover, the spikes are blunt, preventing injury to birds and workers installing them.

The spikes are spaced closely together in a way that prevents large birds from landing.

They come in short, easy-to-cut lengths, so you can simply glue or screw them onto the top of your TV.

Also, they are barely noticeable (especially the clear spikes) once they are in place on your TV.

It will just blend right into the room no matter the color of your wall.

Bird spikes are more effective when they are used in the right size and type for certain species of parrots.

It is therefore important to choose spikes based on the TV length and parrot size.

So, the bigger the parrot you need to deter, the longer the spikes need to be.

Are bird spikes effective?

Bird spikes are quite effective in deterring large parrots as large birds don’t have feet adapted for landing on finely spiked branches and twigs. However, bird spikes are not effective on small birds.

The protection offered by spikes on large birds is great, but for small birds, spikes won’t do the trick.

In fact, spikes are never recommended by Bird Control Experts as the first line of defense against small birds.

Small birds will simply perch on the spikes or between their prongs, treating them like the twigs, branches, and thorns they’re used to.

Many small birds or parrots use the spikes in their nests as foundations since they work so well to keep nesting materials together.

Do spikes hurt birds?

Spikes don’t hurt birds as the spikes are dull and blunt, preventing injury to birds.

It is important to know that bird spikes are not meant to painfully impale birds.

Essentially, the long spikes prevent the birds’ feet from reaching the surface, thus preventing them from roosting.

Parrots trying to land can’t get a foothold without getting prodded in the bum by the spikes.

How durable are bird spikes?

Generally, bird spikes are quite durable. However, some spikes last longer than others as some manufacturers make spikes from different materials.

For example, stainless steel spikes are weather-resistant and last a long time.

And while plastic bird spikes are effective, they can be damaged by excessive heat and may need to be replaced more frequently when damaged.


To me, having a bird spike fixed to the top of your TV is a sure way to prevent your parrot from perching on your TV again.

At first glance, bird spikes might seem like a dangerous device that could harm your parrot, but the opposite is true.

And when you learn the facts about bird spikes, you will see that bird spikes are effective methods of bird control.

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