How to Tell if Your Budgie Doesn’t Like You (8 Sure Signs)

How to Tell if Your Budgie Doesn’t Like You (8 Sure Signs)

Budgies are loved for their affectionate nature, but they can sometimes display hostile and strange behaviors even to their owners. Here is how to tell if your budgie doesn’t like you.

As pet owners, it’s important to understand these signs as this helps us better understand the situation and provide a solution accordingly.

How do you tell if your budgie doesnt like you?

To tell if a budgie hates you, watch out for some nervous behavior when you’re around as they will generally do everything they can to get away from you. This desire can make them stick to the corners of their cages when you come around, especially when you stretch your hands toward them.

These are 8 signs to help you tell if your budgie doesn’t like you

1. Screaming when you are around

When your budgie always screams whenever you are around them, this could be a sign that he hates or dislikes.

This is usually a sign that they fear you or regard you as an intruder.

So, you’ll need to figure something out whatever the case may be.

2. Wing flapping when you approach

Normally, wing-flapping is something you’ll see your budgie doing from time to time.

This is something they do in the morning as a stretching exercise.

However, when they only do this when you approach, it’s a sign that they dislike or hate you.

3. Crazily jumping and flying in the cage

You should be concerned if your budgie wildly flies and jumps around in their cage anytime you come close.

This usually signals fear.

It is normal when you first bring a budgie home, especially when you reach out to touch it.

However, if you’ve had your budgie for a while and he’s already been hand-tamed, he probably just does not like you.

So, if the jumping and flying around continue, you’ll have to reduce your visits to your budgie’s cage while you wait for them to warm up to you.

4. Getting nervous when you enter the room

A budgie who hates you feels nervous when you’re around and generally tries to avoid you.

They may stick to the corners of their cage when you come around, especially when you extend your hands toward them.

Such nervousness can also cause your budgie to:

  • Widen their eyes
  • Discharge liquid poop
  • Pant and tremble
  • Refuse to eat when you’re around because they feel that lowering their necks makes them vulnerable to attacks from you.

5. Biting your fingers

As the African proverb goes, “you do not bite a finger that feeds you.”  This may sometimes not be the case for budgies.

It is unusual for budgies to bite the fingers of their owners.

So, when they do, then something isn’t right and you will need to have a look into why that happened!

First, this could mean that your bird is in pain and discomfort, and requires a visit to the vet.

It could also mean that your budgie is afraid, stressed, or feels like defending itself against you.

In this second situation, you will normally find them lunging towards you as a result.

So, in the absence of any medical condition, if you find your budgie displaying this behavior, there is a good chance that he dislikes you.

6. Refusing to eat when you are around

As a sign of their dislike or hatred for you, your budgie may refuse to eat whenever you’re around.

They may also refuse to eat the food you serve to them.

This is because they feel that lowering their necks makes them vulnerable to attacks from you.

Other signs include;

7. Discharging liquid poop may be caused by the fear of your touch.

8. Breathing or trembling faster around you.

Why does my budgie hate me?

Only you and your veterinarian may be able to determine the exact cause of their hatred towards you.

Nonetheless, here are some common reasons why your budgie may hate you;

They are not familiar with you

Buggies are slow to adapt to change – they are wary of unfamiliar situations and people.

Therefore, if you just got your budgie, he or she will be unsettled and scared for a while until they get used to you.

Where they feel uncomfortable, you will only make them hate you more and more if you insist on playing with them.

Your budgie is an introvert

Sometimes, your budgie hating you has nothing to do with it. Your budgie might be a shy or reserved bird, an introvert!

Perhaps your budgie dislikes being touched or petted in any way, regardless of who is approaching him.

Moreover, some budgies prefer Bird Company to human company.

So, it may be difficult for them to socialize with their owner despite every effort made by their breeder.

In this case, getting a friend for your budgie might be a good idea.

You trigger them

It is possible for budgie to hate and reject you simply because you trigger them in some way.

For instance, wearing a shirt in a color they don’t like might cause them to dislike you.

To maintain harmony, you should keep an eye on your budgie’s triggers.

Other common budgie triggers include:

  • Predator sounds
  • Over-sized or flashy toys
  • Shock waves or earthquakes
  • Mirrors- it can sometimes confuse budgies
  • Death of a partner or flock member
  • The smell from other pets living in the house like the cat, or  dog

Your budgie does not trust you

Your budgie may be rejecting you because it does not trust you.

Hand-reared budgies that have grown up around will probably recognize you as a friend. They trust you as a result.

Older budgies, however, have a harder time trusting their owners because: 

  • You haven’t put in the effort to train them.
  • You look large and intimidating. Your budgie is aware that he cannot overpower or outrun you.
  • You grab your budgie in the manner of the predator

Sometimes, a sick bird may appear lethargic and may appear to dislike its owner.

Budgies, like other birds, hide their illness to avoid appearing weak.

In the wild, this helps them avoid predation.

Your budgie’s behavior can also be affected by nutritional imbalances.

Like other parrots, budgies have a portion of their brain reserved for memory.

And even though this helps with their adaptation and mimicry of human voices, it also ensures that the past is not forgotten.

As a result, a budgie is unlikely to forget any mistreatment suffered in the past.

So, if you find your old budgie is shouting a lot, he has likely been abused in the past. It could signal trauma.

A budgie like this will frequently bite and may even go mad in its cage without warning.

What to do if your budgie doesn’t like you?

It’s not all lost if your budgie hates you. The key is to earn your budgie’s trust.

You must however be very gentle and patient.

To win your budgie over, here are some of the things you can do.

  • You should be gentle and patient with your bird. Don’t approach your budgie for a while. Instead, leave him alone and wait a while.
  • Avoid cuddling them if they feel uncomfortable.
  • Slowly introduce new toys to them by placing the toys outside the cage for the first few weeks. Place the new toy inside the cage once your budgie has become familiar with it. I suggest placing the toy first, and then the budgie in the cage. Otherwise, your bird may become frightened, mistaking the toy for a monster.
  • Reward your bird’s good behavior by petting them and offering them treats. You should remember to speak to them in a soft voice.
  • Feed them food varieties and see which one they like the most. You should serve them their favorite as treat.
  • Show your bird that there’s nothing to be afraid of by familiarizing them with your hands. Begin by showing them your hands for a few minutes each day for a week or two. You can start feeding them treats with your hands once they’re comfortable seeing your hands.

How do you tell if your budgie is comfortable with you?

Here are some signals to look out for to help you know if your budgie is comfortable with you.

It’s important to remember that your budgie doesn’t have to be tamed to like you.

It allows you to hold and cuddle

Even the most affectionate budgies aren’t used to being touched by their human companions.

So if your body is climbing on you, sitting on your shoulder or head, it’s a sign that it’s bonding with you.

Singing or chirping towards you

A big part of being a budgie is to chirp all day long.

But when your budgie starts to sing and chirp when you walk by its cage or get close to it, this means that it’s calling you.

It probably wants your attention maybe for a scratch or a treat.

Safely preening around you

Budgies preen and groom themselves constantly throughout the day but they will only do it around you if they feel safe enough.

A scared budgie would never preen itself near you and will most likely just stay still when you’re close.

Makes eye contact with you

A loving budgie will always be interested in things you’re doing around it.

So, if you find your budgie staring at you from time to time by making eye contact, it means that it desires your attention.

Grinding its beak in your presence

If your budgie grinds its beak near you, it means that it likes you and it feels comfortable and happy when you’re around.


Most budgie owners fail to understand that budgies are sensitive creatures and they each have their different moods and personalities.

So, if your sweet little budgie isn’t as affectionate as usual.

Then maybe he just wants to spend some time alone, or maybe he’s going through a hormonal or health-related change.

Besides, it takes time for budgies to trust strangers.

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