My Parakeet Died What Should I Do?

It’s sad to see our favorite bird leave forever. This should however not be the end of the world. Here is what to do when your parakeet dies.

Although birds are relatively long-lived pets, eventually the wonderful relationship between bird and owner ends when the bird dies.

While no one has an easy time accepting the death of a beloved pet, children may have more difficulty with the loss than adults.

If you have a kid(s) in the house, let your child know that it’s okay to feel sad about losing your parakeet.

Encourage your child to draw pictures of the bird, make a collage using photos of your pet parakeet or pictures of parakeets from magazines, write stories or poems about her, and talk about the loss.

Also, explain to the child that these sad feelings will pass with time.

Regardless of a child’s age, being honest about the loss of your parakeet is the best approach to help all family members cope with the loss.

While helping the children cope with the death of a pet, parents or adult pet owners need to remember that it’s okay for adults to feel sad, too.

Don’t diminish your feelings of loss by saying, “It’s only a bird.”

Pets fill important roles in our lives and our families. Whenever we lose someone close to us, we grieve.

If you or someone in your family needs to discuss the loss further, maybe because they feel they were personally involved in the pet’s death, pet grief counselors are available to help.

Do not make anyone feel guilty for their unintended actions. They only need your support and encouragement right now.

Veterinary schools, state and regional veterinary associations, and humane societies around the United States offer such services to grieving pet owners.

Your avian veterinarian’s office may know of pet loss support groups in your area, or you may be able to find one online.

Although you may feel as though you never want another bird because of the pain caused by your parakeet’s death, don’t let the loss of your parakeet keep you from owning other birds.

While you can never replace an individual parakeet, you may find that you miss having a feathered companion around your house.

Some people will want a new pet bird almost immediately after suffering a loss, while others will want to wait a few weeks or months before bringing another bird home.

Maybe you want another parakeet, or perhaps you’d like to try owning a different avian species.

Discuss bringing home a new pet bird with your family, your avian veterinarian, and bird breeders in your area.

Together, I’m sure you can work out a plan that’s best for you.

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