What Can I Feed My Baby Parakeet? 4 Homemade Baby Parakeet Food Recipes

Thinking of what to feed your baby parakeet? Here are some foods that baby parakeets love as well as some homemade baby parakeet food recipes that they would love.

Having to hand feed a baby parakeet is not an easy task as it demands a lot of care and attention.

However, it becomes a lot easier when you understand what foods are good for their health and what is not.

This way you can avoid feeding them foods that are meant for adult parakeets which may end harming your baby bird.

In this post, you are going to learn what foods baby parakeet eats and what foods to avoid.

Let’s get started.

What do baby parakeets eat?

Baby parakeets eat most green leafy vegetables, lettuce, parsley, and broccoli. For the first four weeks, they only need freshwater, millet spray, and some mixed seeds. They can begin eating fruits and vegetables after the fourth week.

Avoid alcoholic beverages, chocolates, caffeinated goods, and sweet dairy products at all costs. They’re all dangerous to baby parakeets.

The digestive system of a newborn parakeet needs some time to develop to the point where it can handle dried seeds and pellets.

It is, however, okay to leave a small dish of pellets out for them to forage in.

Also, make sure it has a shallow dish of fresh water in its cage at all times.

Homemade baby parakeet food recipes

The little parakeet requires a lot of nourishment, and these recipes provide it.

They are sure to energize your baby pet’s mood.

Here are some great recipes for homemade baby parakeet food.

1. Flaxseed, soy protein, ground oats, ground brown rice (or arrowroot powder)

Oats, which are naturally high in Vitamin E, are included in this recipe.

Omega-fatty acids, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and phytoestrogens are all found in flaxseeds.

The brown rice contains vitamins A and B, as well as zinc, and the soy protein contains all eight essential amino acids.

2. Ground oat, cornmeal, coconut oil, whole boiled egg

Cornmeal is high in protein, calcium, and B and E vitamins.

Compared to raw eggs, boiled eggs offer a lot more nutrients. They are also easier to digest.

Ground oats are high in fiber and minerals like iron, copper, and zinc.

3. Dried Pumpkin, Ground Wheat, Egg Protein Powder, Ground Flaxseed

Vitamins A, C, and E are all present in this homemade parakeet food recipe thanks to the pumpkin.

Wheat also provides a healthy source of protein and fiber, whereas flaxseed is high in Omega-fatty acids.

All of the required vitamins and minerals for newborn parakeets are found in egg protein powder, as well as beta-carotene.

This cannot be found in the other components stated in this recipe.

4. Egg (with shell), cooked brown rice, millet, crushed budgie mixed seeds, fruit, and veg.

For this recipe, you will need;

• 1 egg (shelled)

• 1 tablespoon brown rice (boiled)

• 1 teaspoon millet

• 1 tablespoon budgie mixed seeds (crushed)

• 2 tablespoons fruit and vegetable mixture (chopped and grated). Any available fruit or veg would do

Boil the egg for 10-15 minutes, then remove the shell and grind the boiled egg. After mixing all of the above-mentioned ingredients with the egg, chop it and serve.

At what age do baby parakeets eat on their own?

You can start putting food on the ground or in bowls at 5 weeks old, allowing the parakeet to indulge in its instinct to forage.

The bird should be completely self-sufficient at roughly 6-7 weeks of age.

Not all parakeets mature as quickly as the ordinary bird, so you’ll need to keep a watch on their food habits.

Even at seven weeks old, some hand-feeding may still be required.

How do I get my baby parakeet to eat?

When feeding them, they should be placed on a cozy towel or similar soft object. The goal is to imitate a soft, warm hen bird as much as possible.

As its mother would, tap the chick’s beak with the spoon or syringe, and the bird will obligingly gape (open its beak) for food.

What do baby parakeets drink?

Baby parakeets drink from their regurgitated mother’s saliva to stay hydrated. However, it is okay to provide them with fresh, lukewarm drinking water.

Do baby parakeets drink water?

Baby parakeets do not need water since they receive hydration from the regurgitated food they eat. They don’t need water until they start eating solid foods until around 4 weeks old.

However, if for whatever reason you decide to give them water. Know that baby parakeets only drink fresh and lukewarm water.

But only give them a small amount of water at a time and it should not be fed orally to them as they can drown.

To let the baby explore, you can put a tiny cap of water in the cage.

But never put water directly in the mouth as they will aspirate and die as their trachea is right next to their tongue.

As they grow, they’ll be able to drink water out of shallow dishes, such as applesauce jar tops.

But when they’re very young, you will have to carefully syringe drops of water into their mouths.

Can baby parakeets drink milk?

Baby parakeets unlike mammals cannot drink milk as their digestive systems cannot handle it.

It’s a common belief that combining bread and milk makes for excellent baby bird food. However, milk can be harmful to birds, so, do not feed it to them.

How long can a baby parakeet go without food?

According to Birdgap, baby parakeets can go without food or water for up to 24 hours, but their parents typically feed them every 3-4 hours.

Without their parents’ care, baby parakeets are mainly helpless, but they can survive for a while on their own.

Even so, they can only live so long without food or water.

Can baby budgies eat baby food?

Baby food is used in formulas and sometimes as part of a weaning diet. It won’t harm your bird, but there are better things to feed him.

Regardless of age, baby parakeets require a high-protein diet.

A baby parakeet’s diet should consist mainly of seeds and pellets, supplemented by fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

According to Lafber, bird veterinarians have documented stunted growth of the body organs of birds in captivity.

It explained that birds may not grow properly and may exhibit behavioral disorders if fed foods that are not natural to them.

At what age do baby budgies eat seed?

Around 4-6 weeks of age, budgies start cracking and eating seeds.

Remember that most of their nutrients come from being actively fed by their parents. However, by one month of age, they will begin to explore food on their own.


If the parakeet’s parents do not feed the baby budgie, doing so can be a highly tough yet rewarding responsibility for anyone.

Many individuals feed the abandoned parakeets and try to revive them.

They eventually become attached to their young bird, and they now treat it as a member of their family.

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