Why Are Budgies So Cheap? (5 Reasons)

Ever wondered why budgies are way cheap to get despite how beautiful and awesome they are? Well, here are five reasons why.

A friend of mine was looking to buy a Pionus Parrot, but after seeing that it costs over $500, he realized he can’t afford it.

He expected the price to be somewhere around the price of small parakeets or cockatiel (less than $150).

Now the question is, why are mid-size parrots so expensive and parakeets so cheap?

Well, you are about to find out!

Are budgies cheap?

Budgies are very cheap compared to other parrots. They remain the cheapest parrot in the market right now.

Ok, but why are they cheap?

Why are budgies so cheap?

1. They are easy to breed

Parakeets are pretty cheap since they are quite easy and inexpensive to breed compared to other parrots.

Budgies produce a lot of offspring. They lay a lot of eggs and have a lot of success raising numerous clutches every year.

Of course, because they are easy to mass-produce, they are ideal for the pet trade, and they are adored by mill breeders.

They’re easy to keep in small cages, where they’ll continue to breed.

They’re also cheap to feed as their diet isn’t complicated.

On the other hand, other parrots are difficult to breed.

They can only have one egg (sometimes two) at a time.

Sometimes, they are unable to raise the chick to fledge age. In many cases, the eggs do not hatch.

Some display aggressive mating behavior, which sometimes results in deaths.

For other parrots, breeders are required to have large cages, usually on private, secluded land, to “warehouse” them as they are difficult to “store”.

Furthermore, they require a more complex diet, which is quite expensive to purchase.

Parakeets are the world’s most popular pet bird!

Among the top choices for bird lovers are these lovable parakeets.

Their popularity is greater than that of cockatiels, which are more expensive, and finches, which are less inclined to human contact. They instead prefer their own company.

Parakeets are considered starter birds and 25 percent of bird parents own a parakeet.

The budgerigar, sometimes known as a budgie is the most popularly owned parakeet.

They are very kind and gentle.

Also, they are easy to train and can learn several interesting bird behaviors quickly like talking.

They can be left alone for long periods.

And to keep them occupied for hours they only require a small cage, food and water, a few toys, and fresh air.

Most beginner pet owners get them as their first pet bird since they are easy to maintain.

3. They can be noisy

A parakeet makes a lot of noise during the day and will sing on and on for most of the day.

During times of joy, they whistle, chirp, trill, and warble.

Their chirping may appear pleasant, but their loud noise can reach up to 111 decibels.

Many people prefer to live in a quiet environment. So the constant chirping of parakeets makes them less considered as pets.

So they prefer pets that don’t make much noise. 

To entice customers to buy a budgie, sellers try to keep the price low.

4. There is no import cost

Unlike the African Grey most of which are imported from Africa, the parakeet has no importation cost as they can breed under most conditions.

Naturally, imported birds are more expensive than homegrown ones, since it costs the breeder more money to ship the birds down.

This to an extent explains the price jump between the budgie and other parrots.

5. They are very much available

As stated by World Birds, some sources suggest that over 40 million pet parakeets are living in various parts of the world right now.

This is from the United States to the United Kingdom to South Africa.

Parakeets are not only popular but also easy to find in a market stall, online, or pet shop.

The supply of the bird is greater than its demand.

They make more babies much faster since they are very easy to breed.

As a result, they are readily available making them cheaper to purchase.

What is the average price of a budgie?

The average price of a small parakeet is $47.5. The price range is $15 to $80. For large parakeets, the average price is $115, and the price range is $80 to $150.

This is according to Parakeet Home.

Are budgies worth it?

Absolutely! They are worth every penny.

Their low price has nothing to do with their looks, intelligence, or behavior.

They are just as smart as the more expensive parrots in the market.

Trust me; in a different planet where the budgie isn’t very much in circulation, it should cost a lot more to get them.

So, do not think budgies are of low quality because they are cheaper.

Just be thankful that you can get an awesome bird for such a low price.

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