Why Are Budgies So Popular? (12 Amazing Reasons)

Why are budgies so popular? Indeed the unique personality of budgies has earned them that popularity status among pet bird owners. Here are 12 reasons why.

Budgies are seen as the most popular pet bird in the world for a reason. This is not a

Budgies are the most common pet bird in the world and the reasons why they are so popular among pet owners is what you shall learn in this post.

Here are 12 amazing reasons why budgies are so popular.

1. They are intelligent

You might already know that parrots and the Corbett family of crows are the most intelligent of birds.

According to Research, budgies are smart birds due to their larger brains and smaller bodies which is the case with all species of parrot.

Birds such as parrots and songbirds have larger brains and a much higher neuron density, according to studies.

These neurons are also found in the forebrain, an area that controls cognitive function exclusively.

There is also a neural circuit in birds that have been discovered. The Pontine Nuclei are what they’re named.

In birds where this circuit is more active, such as parrots and budgies, this enables higher-order mental processing and more sophisticated actions.

You can observe this intelligence in the behaviors that such budgies exhibit.

Budgies can pick up words and phrases quickly. They even start imitating their owners (as you may have started to notice and observe already).

Budgies, more than some of the larger parrots such as African Greys and Amazon Parrots, can develop a more extensive vocabulary.

They can memorize hundreds to thousands of words, but their ability to connect those words and utilize them effectively is even more impressive.

Budgies can even interpret simple orders and body movements.

Budgies can pick up new skills quickly and easily.

They can learn a variety of games and behaviors. The ring placement is one of them.

You can also train your parakeet to fly straight at you, and some owners claim to have trained their budgie to somersault to their hands!

2. They are affordable

One of the benefits of owning a budgie is that they are inexpensive.

It’s interesting to know that budgies were extremely expensive in the early years of keeping them as pets.

They are now very much affordable since they are have grown in popularity and are more widely available.

As a potential pet owner, budgies reduces your worry about the cost of purchasing and caring for pets, which is one major concern for people looking to keep a pet.

3. They are excellent talkers

Budgies, especially the male budgies are exceptionally good talkers.

Puck, a budgie was accepted into the Guinness Book of World Records in 1995 as the bird with the world’s largest vocabulary.

Puck had a remarkable 1728 distinct words under his belt.

Sparky Williams, another budgie, had an outstanding knowledge of eight nursery rhymes, 360 phrases, and almost 550 words.

4. They can be kept in pairs or more

It is important to keep budgies in pairs or, if you prefer, in groups, as they are such birds that can and should be kept together.

When you don’t spend time with them, they can get lonely as they are social birds.

The pets are inexpensive, so one can have more than one and have double the fun.

5. They are quieter than bigger parrots

Budgies aren’t as loud as other parrots, especially if you compare a budgie noise to that of the top two intelligent parrots (African Grey parrot and the MCOs or cockatoos).

Don’t get me wrong, they are loud and noisy but it’s bearable compared to the big parrots.

 Some pet owners even find their noise adorable.

6. Budgies are easy to tame

Like most parrots, budgies are very loud and can scream for several minutes at a time.

However, they are easy to tame and are very gentle when properly cared for.

As a pet owner, this creates a peaceful environment that makes them less of a bother and rather a source of joy and comfort.

Beginners, who have never owned a pet before, especially those who have never had a bird as a pet, will also find them as easy pets because of this.

7. They are almost harmless

While budgies can be aggressive until they are tamed, they are harmless compared to big parrots.

Big parrots can rip off your furniture and cause some serious harm to you if they bite you.

The budgies beak is very small, (if not the smallest in the parrots family) although they might inflict some wounds if you are forcing them on things they don’t want to.

But still, they are too small to do any serious damage.

8. Their small size gives them an edge

One of the reasons budgies are so popular is their small size as the average size of an adult budgie varies from 5 to 11 inches.

This means pet owners don’t require special facilities or a lot of space to keep a budgie. 

This makes them an excellent alternative in a home or space where other bigger pets are difficult to accommodate.

Budgies are one of the smallest pet birds on the market.

Though they’re not the tiniest parrots – that honor belongs to the parrotlet – but budgies are quite small.

Also, a budgie’s smaller size makes it an easier travel companion. This means they require a smaller carrier than other parrots.

You may even transport your small bird’s cage in the car for a weekend getaway or a visit to relatives.

9. They are easy to maintain

Budgies are fairly easy to care for.

Your budgies will almost look after themselves as long as you take care of the basics.

These are; regular feeding, weekly cleaning, and affectionate attention to the basic needs of this intelligent, sociable animal.

Apart from that, keeping budgies is not difficult because they appear sleek and well-groomed without any work on your side.

You really may not be required to make some significant spending to care for them aside from having their beak and nails trimmed.

10. Budgies are easy to care for

Budgies are pretty easy to care for, and because they are small birds with small appetites, they are a low-cost addition to the home.

Seed is their main source of nutrition, and as long as you get a good combination with no additional colors or chemicals, the birds will be OK.

They’ll eat some fresh greens and other veggies as well, but only in little amounts.

This is similar to the diet of wild Australian native birds that congregate in vast feeding flocks, looking for grass seeds.

Of course, the majority of these are fresh, and the seed in captivity should be as well.

A solid cage and some basic attachments are all you’ll need in terms of equipment.

You can also provide them with simple toys such as ping-pong balls and bells to play with.

Though very cheap, budgies find them extremely cheerful.

11. They are available in many colors and patterns

Budgies have over 1,000 possible color combinations of yellow, blue, green, and many shades in-between.

Some of them have a dominant white plumage, with other colors peeking through like flowers in a meadow on a snowy day.

While others have pastels that fade to a translucent color at times, some birds have vibrant primary colors.

There are all-white budgies, all-yellow budgies, the traditional green and yellow budgies that appear much like their Australian wild cousins, as well as the grey and black-patterned birds.

Whichever budgie variation you choose, you can expect a bird with enough personality to fill a dozen birds twice its size.

A healthy and well-fed budgie can live up to 15 years, so this will be a long-lasting friendship.

12. Budgies almost do not need vets

Budgies are typically strong and healthy birds.

They may become strangers to the vet as long as they eat a well-balanced diet and live in a clean environment (cages should be cleaned every two weeks).

However, like any other animal, there is the possibility of sickness.

And even when they are unwell, they have a way of letting you know they are sick.

They will sleep during the day, look droopy and sad on their perch, and will stop chattering non-stop.

So, give them a daily visual check to see if they’re still as happy and chirpy as before.

If you’re unsure of the situation, speak with a veterinarian.

Just like any other pets, budgies may need to visit the vet now and then, particularly when it is adjusting to their new home for the first time.

Budgies are very popular among pet bird owners as they are the most popular pet bird in the world right now.

The budgie is also the fourth most popular pet in the world, after the domesticated cat, dog, and fish.

Why are budgies so awesome?

Budgies are awesome birds due to their affectionate, entertaining, less noisy (than most parrots) nature, and their intelligent ability to mimic human words.

When you speak to them, they will answer even if they cannot speak.

They are the ideal apartment birds as they are easy to tame and handle.

They are available in a range of colors and patterns. As a result, you can have a flock of the same species that looks just like a rainbow!

Budgies are popular as pets and are the fourth most popular pet in the world after dogs, cats, and fish.

They are also the world’s most popular pet bird which is not a surprise.

The budgie became popular in Europe around 1850 after it was displayed in Belgium at the Antwerp Zoo among everyone.

And despite the ban by Australia on exportation in 1894, the European breeders to continue this hobby had to breed their existing stock.

In America, the budgie became popular in the 1950s even though the budgie found its way to America in the late 1920s.

Today, it is widely recognized as the most popular bird in the world!

How many budgies are there in the world?

There are over 5 million budgies in the world according to Animal Diversity Web.

However, considering how easy it is for this bird to reproduce, the 5 million figures remain inaccurate.

They are more budgies available both in the wild and in captivity.

Absolutely! Budgies are still popular but not as popular as they used to be.

Their numbers may have greatly increased but their demand has greatly reduced significantly.

Pet owners now have an incredible array of species to choose from and the beautiful budgie can now be easily overlooked.

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