12 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Budgie

12 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Budgie

The beautiful budgies are not perfect! They also have their flaws and disadvantages. Here are 12 reasons why you shouldn’t get a budgie.

As much as I love the amazing personality of the beautiful budgie, I really must admit that having a budgie as a pet is not for everyone.

So, before taking the step to adopting a budgie, it’s important to know some of the flaws of this beautiful parakeet.

This would help you decide if the budgie is the right pet for you.

Here are 12 reasons why you shouldn’t get a budgie.

1. Budgies require your time and attention.

Sure, a large flock of budgies will keep themselves occupied and largely engage with one another, but a single budgie will require your attention every day.

This is because budgies are social creatures that require participation in their games.

Through various enrichment activities, or watching TV together, quality time can be spent together every day.

You could have a very sad pet indeed if your budgie lives in your bedroom and you have been gone for 12 hours a day at work or school.

So, budgies are probably not for you if you don’t have time to spend with them for most days of the week.

2. Budgies are messy.

You can get a seed catcher for your cage and cross your fingers, but you should anticipate sweeping or vacuuming your cage every day (more than once a day during molts).

The mess gets even worse when they are fed wet meals like chop, or when it’s time for them to take a bath.

So, be prepared to clean off wet food and budgie feces from the walls.

3. Budgies are loud

Don’t let their small size fool you into thinking these parrots are quiet. While they don’t squawk loudly, they can chirp constantly.

Also, some budgies can be noisy all day, depending on the number of your flock and their personality.

If you need to hold a meeting or watch a movie, expect them to compete with background noise, regardless of the loudness.

If you enjoy sleeping in on days off from work, understand that budgies are early risers, and some will begin flock-calling you even before the sun rises.

4. Budgies can chew on properties

Depending on their temperament, your budgie may enjoy chewing on your blinds, framed artwork, cabinetry, wood trim around windows and doorways, and anything else they can get their beaks into.

A female budgie in search of a good nesting site may even chew a hole through your wall.

Also, some budgies are aggressive, and they may gnaw your fingers to the point of bleeding.

5. Shorter lifespan

Budgies have a shorter life span than a lot of other parrots as the average lifespan of a budgie in captivity is about 5 – 8 years.

With good care, this can only be extended to 10-12 years.

For some people, this age may be perfectly fine, but for some of us that get attached to our pets and want a companion for the long term, 10 – 12 years just may not be long enough.

6. Budgies are not safe around other pets

Budgies are prey animals and may never feel safe around other pets.

You may think that your other pets (like your cat or dog) are uninterested in your budgies until you return home and discover the cage has been knocked over.

Your mileage may vary, but it’s happened to families who had the greatest of intentions and had put their trust in their furry pets.

So, if you are looking to keep a budgie, other pets, such as cats, dogs, rats, guinea pigs, and even other pet parrots like lovebirds, must be kept away from them.

7. Budgies need companionship

Budgie parakeets need at least one friend as keeping only one budgie means risking your pet to become lonely.

This often means another bird, and not necessarily their human owner.

For example, we had Pillow for a while before we adopted Pearl and so he was the only bird.

Now we can tell that he looks happier now that he has another bird friend.

So, it is recommended that if you intend to get a budgie, you should buy them in pairs, or get another bird companion that fits your budget.

However, the negative impact is that if you get a companion for your budgie, they will most likely bond with each other.

As a result, they will have a harder time bonding with you as their favorite owner.

Remember, it only takes budgies at least one week to bond together, while it takes an owner several weeks to bond with his budgies.

So, if you are not ready to keep two birds in the house, or not ready to share your budgie’s attention with another bird, then you should consider getting the more independent parrots.

8. Budgies will greatly change how you spend your life

This big change however depends on your household.

Prepare to say goodbye to candles, diffusers, wax melts, sprayed perfumes, plug-ins, bleach, and a slew of other items that may have been kept in your cabinets.

If your cookware is non-stick, it almost certainly needs to be replaced.

9. Budgies can’t be left alone for long hours

Budgies Should Not Be left Alone For More Than 2 Days even for medical emergency reasons.

Also, finding suitable pet sitters for your bird can be more difficult than for cats and dogs. 

However, if it has become inevitable to leave him longer than a weekend, say, for a week or so, it is best to have somebody to look after the little bird.

So, keeping a budgie may not be a good idea where you are always away from the house for days with no one to look after the birds.

10. You will need to watch out for open doors

When it comes to open doors and windows, you must always be on your watch.

Even if your budgie’s wings are clipped, they may fly out of an open door or window if there isn’t a screen in place.

So, you and the rest of your family will have to keep an eye out for your budgie near an open window or door.

If you are not ready for this task, you should avoid getting a budgie.

11. It is deceptively expensive to own a budgie

With a pet store budgie costing around $20 and a small cage costing not much more, you might assume the initial investment is reasonable.

However, you’ll quickly discover that the initial cage is inhumanely small, and you’ll need to upgrade right away.

Only then will you realize that your budgie requires a lot more than the dowel and plastic perches that came with the cage.

You will realize that he or she requires a wide array of perches for good foot and mental health.

Toys are also required.

Some Toys get damaged and must be replaced, while others are just not loved by the parakeet and must be changed out for stimulation.

Once you’ve gotten that out of the way, you’ll probably want a play stand or some other type of playground for your budgies that isn’t in their cage.

They’ll also require different foods, supplements like cuttlebone, and possibly costly veterinary care in the future to treat a variety of common budgie illnesses.

12. Relatively fragile health

Budgies can easily get sick with slight temperature variations.

They are also susceptible to tumors and liver problems so they, therefore, need regular exercise to stay healthy and ward off illness and disease.


So those are my 12 reasons why you shouldn’t get a budgie. If there’s any other reason you feel I left off the list, do let me know in the comment below.

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